Pure Distilled Water

We have been a leading UK producer of ultra pure distilled water since 2008. We offer fast delivery directly to businesses and home users.

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Guaranteed to be 99.9999% pure

Every drop of our Distilled Water is genuinely made by steam distillation, the gold standard technique to generate ultra-pure water. The secret to our incredibly high purity lies in our own 6-step process and ensures we never exceed 1 part-per-million of impurities. Our technique removes minerals, heavy metals, pesticides and VOCs. Our bottles are food-grade BPA-free.

Did you know that when you buy distilled water, it's not always distilled?
Some companies just pass off cheap, inferior deionised water and label it as distilled. Every drop of our Distilled Water is genuinely made by steam distillation to guarantee ultra-pure water.

  • How pure is our distilled water?

    We have been producing distilled water since 2008 and use custom made distillers that ensure our water is as pure as possible. We are the only producer that we know of to use our proprietary 6-step process.

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  • How fast is our delivery?

    Orders placed before 14:00 will usually be shipped the same day for next working day delivery.

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  • What can our distilled water be used for?

    Distilled Water can used for any application that requires water, but is essential for those that call for water that does not contain dissolved minerals such as steam irons, humidifiers and CPAP machines as regular water would cause limescale build up.

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