Collection: Triple Distilled Water

Triple distilled water is a type of distilled water that has been purified through a three-step distillation process. Distillation involves heating the water, then collecting and condensing the resulting steam. This process is repeated a total of three times using laboratory glassware to ensure the highest level of purity.

The benefits of triple distilled water are numerous, including:

1) Triple distilled water is purer than regular distilled water because it has been purified three times, which removes more of the impurities such as minerals, chemicals, VOCs, bacteria, heavy metals etc.

2) Triple distilled water is a better choice of distilled water when making colloidal silver. This us because the production of colloidal silver is very sensitive to copper and sodium impurities found in tap water.

3) Triple distilled water might be better for cleaning LPs when mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol as the IPA will mix easier and the resulting mixture will leave less of a residue on the surface of the LP.