How pure is our Distilled Water?

We have been producing ultra pure distilled water since 2008 and use custom made distillers that ensure our water is as pure as possible. We are the only producer that we know of to use our proprietary 6-step process.

We start by filtering out all particles over 0.5 micron that are suspended in the water. The water is then passed through activated charcoal and a high pressure reverse osmosis membrane. This leaves us with excellent feedwater before we even start distilling.

Our stainless steel distillers are set up to part reflux - This makes the process longer, but ensures even more impurities are left behind and only pure steam is captured.

Once we have condensed this ultra-pure steam back into pure distilled water, we finally polish the water with a mixed-bed ion exchange resin.

Our finished product is then continuously UV-sterilised in a food-grade tank to ensure bacteria will not grow in it.

We are trusted by thousands of customers who use our water in laboratories, gin making, cosmetics, steam irons, batteries, CPAP machines and nebulisers.

Distilled water is better than deionised water because it is produced to a higher standard and has fewer impurities. Deionised water has been stripped of its minerals, whereas distilled water has been stripped of all impurities including minerals, heavy metals, hormones, pesticides and bacteria.

This means that distilled water is often used for laboratory purposes, as it does not contain any impurities which could interfere with the results of experiments. Distilled water is the best water to use for home applications such as humidifiers and CPAP machines.