Collection: Large Containers

If you're looking to buy distilled water in bulk, our large containers of distilled water are your best choice.

Our larger bottles and drums of distilled water are more economical to buy and they're easier to store than smaller bottles. However, if you need to move them around frequently or store them for long periods of time, smaller containers may be better as the 25 litre drum of water weighs over 25kg.

When you're working with our distilled water, it can be hard to know what the best size is for your needs. Do you go with large containers of distilled water, which are more economical but might be harder to handle? Or do you opt for smaller, lighter bottles that are easier to move around but more expensive per litre?

The answer depends on how much water you need and how often you'll be moving it. If you'll be moving large amounts of distilled water from one place to another, we recommend the large bottles. They're more economical per litre and easier to handle, but if your use case involves smaller amounts of distilled water that will remain stationary at all times (for example, if you have a hydration station in an office), then we recommend the small bottles.