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Distilled Water Supplies

Triple Distilled Water - 1 Litre

Triple Distilled Water - 1 Litre

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Our Triple Distilled Water is water that has undergone the whole process of distillation three times for maximum purity. It is batch made in laboratory glassware for applications requiring the highest purity levels. Water is distilled on day of dispatch for maximum freshness.

Please allow 1-2 days for delivery due to the bespoke nature and time required to manufacture.

This ultra-pure Distilled Water is perfect for laboratory or home use for applications where only the purest water will do e.g. collodial silver, microscopy. It contains <1ppm impurities and has been UV-sterilised to kill bacteria and viruses. If you have any questions about our triple distilled water, please contact us as in most cases it is not required and our regular distilled water will be sufficient.

We recommend storing our Triple Distilled Water in a cool, dark place and consuming within a month.

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