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Distilled Water Supplies

1 Litre Distilled Water

1 Litre Distilled Water

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Our 1 Litre Distilled Water bottle is a convenient way to buy our distilled water. Our 1 litre bottles will fit easily in the fridge and are very easy to handle and pour with precision.

These 1 litre Distilled Water bottles are made from food-grade HDPE (high density polythene), which is recyclable and does not contain BPA.

This ultra-pure Distilled Water is perfect for home use in steam irons, CPAP machines and home-made cosmetics or making collodial silver. It contains under 1ppm impurities and has been UV-sterilised to kill bacteria and viruses.

We recommend storing our 1 Litre Distilled Water in a cool, dark place and consuming within 2 months.

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