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Distilled Water Supplies

500ml Distilled Water in Amber Glass Bottle

500ml Distilled Water in Amber Glass Bottle

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Our 500ml Distilled Water amber glass bottle is a convenient way to buy our distilled water. Our reusable glass 500ml bottles will fit easily in the fridge and are very easy to handle and pour with precision. The amber glass prevents degradation from light if you are using this water for homemade cosmetics, tinctures etc and want to reuse the bottle for storage.

These 500ml Distilled Water bottles are made from food-grade glass, which is recyclable and prevents UV from entering your finished product.

This ultra-pure Distilled Water is perfect for laboratory or home use for cosmetics, making collodial silver or topping up model steam engines. It contains under 1ppm impurities and has been UV-sterilised to kill bacteria and viruses.

We recommend storing our 500ml Distilled Water in a cool, dark place and consuming within 2 months.

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